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Hiking Shoes and other Footwear

 I decided to say a few things about boots and shoes we all walk and hike in. Click to enlarge the pictures.

Always Hiking: Deception Pass State Park 2020 Video


Testing the new Samsung Note 20 Ultra at Deception Pass (Fidalgo Island) and Horseshoe Creek (Nooksack)

This is a (10/06/2020) update to my original article that now starts below the break. I have recently completed two vlogs of day hiking trips where my sole camera was the  Samsung Note 20 Ultra : The High Divide October 2020 Excelsior Pass Rainy Fall Walk falls short I am still learning the three lens Samsung way . But to date, I am  still very impressed with the  Samsung Note 20 Ultra  that I have encased in an Otterbox Defender .  Two short stories: (1) I shot the rainy day hike in the pouring, drenching rain. Obviously the  Samsung Note 20 Ultra  with  Otterbox Defender  has excellent water resistance. (2) Trekking home in the dense fog (and tired) on the second trip , I took a tumble and rolled twice on the trail. (Yes, I was fine). The  Samsung Note 20 Ultra  with  Otterbox Defender  stayed tight on my hip attached to my belt covered by my jacket. Not a hint of damage! No, I am not on the take from either Samsung or Otterbox!