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Testing Samsung Ear Buds: A Companion for the Wilderness Traveler?

  Samsung "Live Buds" were gifted to me for Christmas. In combination with the Note 20 Ultra Pro Video mode, you can 'blue tooth' the microphone to take long distance selfies talking to the camera. Probably they would function like a narration tool that records more of the sound of your voice than you walking while you film your trail.  I sought to test them in three different ambient noise environments with this video.  You will need to set your volume fairly high. In fairness, I did speak in conversational voice:

Samsung Note Ultra 20 ultrawide, zoom and 108 megapixel examples

Below the break are some examples of the Samsung Note Ultra 20 zoom feature contrasted with the wide angle lens and also 108 MP wide angle shot. The Samsung Note Ultra 20 is a $1500 retail cell phone with three lenses: ultrawide, 108 megapixel, 50x zoom hybrid optical/digital zoom. Click to enlarge the photos. Remember these pix they are adjusted for resolution and size when uploaded to blogger.