Samsung Note Ultra 20 ultrawide, zoom and 108 megapixel examples

Below the break are some examples of the Samsung Note Ultra 20 zoom feature contrasted with the wide angle lens and also 108 MP wide angle shot. The Samsung Note Ultra 20 is a $1500 retail cell phone with three lenses: ultrawide, 108 megapixel, 50x zoom hybrid optical/digital zoom. Click to enlarge the photos. Remember these pix they are adjusted for resolution and size when uploaded to blogger.

Below is the108 megapixel wide angle shot from Harris street in Bellingham, WA on top. This is a 21MB file. The middle shot is the full sized 108 megapixel file zoomed and then cropped to resemble the 50x zoom shot far below. You can see the mountains lining the areas well north of Vancouver, British Columbia in the croppped and zoom lense shot. Those mountains are 45 - 50 miles or so north of Bellingham as the crow would fly:


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